My Global Advisor
Our commitments

Serve your interests (and not those of a bank or an investment fund).
Remain your trusted advisor over the long run and be flexible to adapt to changes in your situation and in the markets.

Guarantee full transparency of our process and cost structure.

Personalize our service offering as a function of your objectives, needs and constraints.

Aim at achieving preservation and regular appreciation of your capital over time.

Work with the best professionals and select them on the basis of your profile.
Negotiate the best available terms and conditions for you.

If we select a financial product for you it is because we consider that it suits your needs and not because it is an in house product. If we identify a service provider for you, it is because we believe that he corresponds to your profile and not because we work for him.

Together we may freely decide at all times to change products or switch service providers while maintaining our relationship. This functioning mode aims at reducing for you the impact of the departure of a relationship manager in a traditional banking relationship: MGA intends to be at your side for the long term.

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