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MGA’s core activity is wealth management based on asset allocation and tax & estate planning. MGA favors a comprehensive approach including all aspects of your fortune from financial assets to real estate, family business and even your art collection.

MGA accepts Within set guidelines agreed with you, MGA applies
its full discretion to the management of your portfolio
Discretionary Mandates
or MGA provides the same service as for a Discretionary
Mandate but leaves you with the choice to follow MGA’s
Advisory Mandates
on one or several accounts deposited with banks in Switzerland or abroad.

On a case by case basis MGA accepts specific mandates in relation to other aspects of your wealth.

To ensure the highest standard of service to a limited circle of clients while maintaining a light cost structure, MGA focuses on the following high value added propositions:

Following the modern theory of portfolio, MGA considers that 90% of a portfolio’s performance comes from allocating investments across the main asset classes (equities, bonds, hedge funds, money markets, etc…) , only 10% being attributable to the actual selection of investments within each asset class. Through an individually tailored strategic allocation, MGA optimizes your portfolio’s performance while diversifying its riskAsset allocation
Through its network and in depth knowledge of the markets MGA is able to identify early on opportunities triggered by changes in market cycles. By applying a tactical allocation method based on bull and bear market signals, MGA increases or decreases the weight of the respective asset classes chosen according to the initial strategic allocation.Market timing
Rather than attempting to follow internally every and all investment available, MGA favors investing through funds or funds of funds. Except for individual positions selected on a case by case basis, MGA thereby “outsources” the selection of underlying investments to sector or market specialists under MGA’s supervision.Open architecture selection of managers Article by Philippe Szokoloczy
published in Exel
MGA is glad to operate through your usual counterparts (custodians, brokers, lawyers, etc…) but can propose a choice of third party service providers with a proven track record of satisfactory performance with MGA.Identification and supervision of third party service providers/counterparts
Thanks to its extensive experience in tax & estate planning MGA is able to assist you in matters of tax optimization, legal structures, relocation of tax residence and inheritance planning.Family office services Article by Philippe Szokoloczy
published in Exel
This service applies if you have several portfolios with different custodians, and it provides you with a useful management tool for a clear overview and comparison of your portfoliosPortfolio consolidation and performance measurement Article by Philippe Szokoloczy
published in Exel

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