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Our philosophy

Our goal is to achieve absolute returns while preserving your capital. Over the long term it is our belief that investing in equities offers the highest potential for performance. In the short term, however, we wish to take into account the impact on your portfolio of periods of accrued volatility.

On the one hand we mitigate the risk induced by volatility by diversifying our portfolios through a strategic asset allocation. To do so we look for investments offering a degree of decorrelation to equities (hedge funds or bonds for instance). We thereby reduce the portfolios’ overall volatility, accepting a potentially slightly inferior performance in the long run against a lower risk in the short run. Article by Philippe Szokoloczy
published in Exel

On the other hand we operate a tactical asset allocation by studying bull and bear market signals on equity and currency markets. Such signals are obtained by applying a market timing technology developed and monitored by one of our local partners. As a function of the directionality of the markets we increase or decrease the weight of the asset classes initially chosen for your portfolio.

We also offer the possibility to invest in a conservative portfolio profile for our clients who do not wish to have an exposure to equities.

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